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CD: Nenemia
Gabriel Karapatakis - Hub Hildenbrand - Zacharias Spyridakis

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Line up

Gabriel Karapatakis - fretless bass

Zacharias Spyridakis - cretan lyra

Hub Hildenbrand – guitar



  1. Let us play (Hildenbrand)

  2. Run (Hildenbrand)

  3. The time beyond (Karapatakis)

  4. Far and away (Hildenbrand)

  5. A new dawn (Hildenbrand)

  6. Lost (Hildenbrand)

  7. Dance to infinity (Karapatakis)

  8. Footsteps in the snow (Spyridakis)

  9. Agia marina (Karapatakis, trad.)

  10. Ariadne’s thraed (Spyridakis)

  11. A story from now (Karapatakis)

Total time 72:09

  • Compositions: as indicated

  • Recorded August 22-25, 2016 at Akademie Parterre (Berlin, Germany)

  • Recording, mixing, and mastering by Sebastian Ohmert, Sonic-Impulse Studio (Berlin, Germany)

  • Released: August 17, 2018

  • Record Label: Ears Love Music

  • Distribution: Timezone

  • Cover photo and design: Neomania Design

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