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An affecting, cross-cultural blend of atmospheric world jazz.

DOWNBEAT (USA), Bill Milkowski, 2018



One track is more beautiful than the other. A delicacy, an opulent meal of only a few ingredients, but with a huge portion of the most subtle musicality, depth, eroticism, suggestive power, and artistic mastery. A great pleasure.

JAZZPODIUM (GERMANY), Alexander Schmitz, 2018



A bright star up in the music heaven. A journey of sound. The trio enthused the audience with a sensitive, flowing, almost meditative music. Master guitarist Hub Hildenbrand's instrument released an extraordinarily beautiful sound on its musical travels. It was a delight. Warnfried Altmann, the organizer said: "I can tell Hub's characteristic playing from among a thousand players".




Cyprus, Germany, and Greece peacefully united on one CD. A uniquely good album capable of becoming a classic that clearly stands out from the crowd. Three very different string instruments united in a chamber music atmosphere of beauty. A world of sound, in which all three musicians are also composers. They are an experimental and improvisational perfect trio, a cross-cultural jazz project, that brings their traditions and folklore into the music. Wonderful!

MUSIKREVIEWS (GERMANY), Thoralf Koss, 2018



Cyprus, Germany, and Greece. According to the origin of the protagonists represented here, a world of sound is offered that undoubtedly has its roots in different ethnic backgrounds. Dynamic impressions of tranquil movements that create and break down detailed tonal contours. One would like to compare this work with those of ECM. A highly elysian soundscape.

CONCERTO (AUSTRIA), Friedrich Kunzmann, 2018



A sublime and uplifting, lively and breathing silence of an unexpected modern kind, that can be found, on contemporary ECM productions.


The compositions of Hildenbrand, Karapatakis, and Spyridakis are not simple neither their conception nor their final interpretation. Irrespective of who composes what, the three musicians equally share the final interpretation of their music as they interact listening to each other and sharing a common sense of aesthetics. The result of their collaboration is the firmness and comprehensiveness of 'Nenemia'.
VINYLMINE (GREECE) Phontas Troussas, 2018

Jazz merges with the traditional music of different world cultures. Gabriel Karapatakis, Zacharias Spyridakis and Hub Hildenbrand with his extended and highly emotional guitar solos fascinate the audience. Musical conversations, full of diversity and excitement.


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